Bold, but elegant. In a manly way.

Renowned for completing the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, the phrase “that’s brilliant!” and for my very fine hat, I’m also a philosopher, a sensitive family man, and a snappy dresser. After growing up in the desert wilderness of South Africa, I emigrated to the jungle island of New Zealand, where I now live with my ravishing but phallainophobic wife and precocious child. Our castle has a tower, a dungeon, an undisclosed number of secret corridors, and a shark-infested moat. When we need groceries, I have to leap the moat on my motorbike because the drawbridge is stuck. But mostly we stay at home, hoarding air-dropped weapons and chocolate; entertaining my pal, the man in the Hathaway shirt; nursing the self-sustaining hydroponics farm for food; and creating arty but practical things while we prepare for the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

That’s largely fibs, of course, but someone once said that artists use lies to tell the truth, and I believed him. To make it up to you, here are seven true things about me:

  1. Some of the strongest influences on my work include the classic typesetting of old books and posters, wabi-sabi, vertical rhythm, my brilliantly insane wife, sprezzatura, steampunk, Joss Whedon, the color red, and rum;
  2. I use only open source tools in my work—including Ubuntu Linux, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, Inkscape and gedit;
  3. I do wear a bush hat (and a duster jacket), and ride a motorbike—but not all at the same time;
  4. I study, and sometimes try to teach, European martial arts—particularly the medieval German stuff;
  5. I’m also an amateur singer;
  6. …and a consummate geek with a hearty appetite for acerbic debate, science fiction, and cheese;
  7. plus a Christian with more than a passing interest in philosophical theology and apologetics.

That’s enough for now, don’t you think? Too much of a good thing could give you a tummy ache. Anyway, by now you must want to…

…contact me!